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#DAILYPHOTO : Warm light on a Winters evening

A very simple photo tonight… a streetlamp in our street taken from my office window… The colour of the sky contrasting with the warmth of the light sort of *made* me take this photo.

Wish it was actually warm tho…

#DAILYPHOTO : Truckin’ through the Essonne

OK OK… this was taken yesterday… The weather is as cold and horrible today, so I could either stand out there waiting for a truck or sit here in the warmth of my office in my jim-jams and recycle a photo.

Which would you choose?

As if taking a photo of a truck with a typical Essonnien landscape in the background was planned!

Have often said that here in this region the landscape is devoid of hedges between the fields, unlike my native Leicestershire. No, they’re TREES in the photo. When I first moved here 18 years ago – it was strange to see traffic criss-crossing the very empty landscape, as if just floating along 10cm off the ground.

In this view you can see a small copse of trees and in the background, part of the Vale of Essonne behind the small town of Ballancourt-sur-Essonne. On top of the hill in the background you’ll find the local aerodrome at Cerny.

A pretty landscape in its own way, but a bit devoid of character.

#DAILYPHOTO : One year on… 30 January 2015…

On the 30 January 2014, it was like any other day – much like today. Dull, grey and in the middle of Winter. Perhaps slightly warmer a year ago. On that Winters day I took a photo, while on a normal everyday dog walk from my home to the edge of our village. It was lunchtime and I had a break in my phone lessons that day. 4 hours later, I was to get a phone call from the UK that would mean things would never be the same again. My Mum had passed away suddenly from a heart attack at the beginning of that afternoon. So a year later, again at lunchtime, I decided to take the same view I took that day. Not a lot has changed looking at this view, but I have changed a lot since I took that photo one year ago today.

In rememberance of Annette Olive Maud Nelson (Née Holyland) 1947 – 2014.


This morning on my little wander I found that I had left the battery for my camera at home… in the charger… So feeling like a right twit with a massive useless DSLR lump around my neck, I thought I’d try taking a photo on my Smartphone.

I HATE Smartphone photos.

Especially when people submit them to the magazine I work on.

It goes against the grain that I’ve had to resort to this.

Today is very dull, dark and depressing. All the things that go against taking a landscape photo. Well lets say I tried…

I decided to take a photo of the bypass around our village and by chance there was a “Convoi Exceptionelle” passing. Unfortunately the screen on my phone can’t be seen very well in daylight, so it was really hope for the best and see what happened.

As it is, pointless using the zoom and due to the low light it is usually hard to get a sharpish image. Added to which the low resolution. All the things that make me despise photos taken with any sort of Smartphone.

So, once I arrived home, I cheated… and mucked about in Photoshop with the photo… Sorry, I couldn’t resist a little tinker…

#DAILYPHOTO : First snow of 2015

After a weekend of birthday celebrations – I’ve woken up with a gastro and snow…

Currently waiting for Marco the plumber to turn up, he has been so busy that our bathroom hasn’t been touched in over a week…



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